Yaritza Perez

Computer Instructor

Yaritza Perez is <dev/Mission>’s Computer Instructor and is part of the organization’s advisory board. She attended Dev Bootcamp to learn web development skills, meanwhile going to San Francisco state university part-time. She loves to help people out with coding questions! On her free time, she loves to tutor anyone who needs help with code. She is just your average person trying to do extraordinary things through code!! A diversity of thought, perspective and culture are important in wanting to learn. So trying everything and being open to anything is what she loves to do. She always ask herself What can I build today? Or more like what can she break and fix to learn?

My Sessions

Youth Outreach in Tech

GSB 125

Students risk unpreparedness in our technological society if they lack access to technology and technological instruction. The aspirations of these students are further limited without exposure to role models who use such skills successfully in school, work and life. Learn more about how several organizations are modeling their youth programs to create a school to […]