Tamyra Walker

Director of Recruitment and Retention

Tamyra has 10 years of youth development experience as an impassioned STEM educator and is fueled by an altruistic belief in equity for all who is wish to join the STEM community. Her diverse experience in education spans across classrooms in Dallas, Greece, and Oakland, and includes STEM program and curriculum development as well as teacher leadership and professional development. She is also a featured educator on a Stanford University Massive Open Online Course on formative assessment.

Advocacy for tech equity has been a natural progression from being a STEM educator in schools that primarily serve African American and Latino youth. The lessons learned about the role of responsiveness and empowerment of identity when cultivating inclusive STEM-focused environments has been invaluable in her acting role as the Director of Recruitment andRetention for #YesWeCode. Tamyra holds a BA in Sociology from Howard University and a MS in Mathematics Teaching and Learning from Drexel University.

My Sessions

Diversity & Inclusion

GSB 101

In this session, we will share insights on how to make diversity and inclusion actionable at tech companies small and large.┬áThemes include: * How to create actionable changes in a male-dominated industry * How to scale your impact at growing companies * How to lead on this topic as a woman of color (e.g. code-switching, […]

Business Skills