Sedinam Worlanyo

Instructional Designer

Sedinam currently works as an instructional designer at TechChange where she supports a variety of innovative elearning initiatives at the intersection of health and technology. Prior to TechChange she served as a Google Policy Fellow and explored the role of assistive technologies in addressing learning disabilities. She is also the co-founder of Dislabelled, an organization that works with people with disabilities and seeks to reform the special education system in Ghana and YenAra Backpacks, a socially responsible for-profit social enterprise that provides unique and functional African-inspired backpacks to an international marketplace. Sedinam graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Computer Science and Economic Development.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Multiple Pathways: Choosing the Tech Job that’s Best for You

GSB 118

Coming out of college, there is sometimes a misconception that there are single paths or specific organizations that computer scientists need to work in to succeed in their fields. As people with multiple passions (including some passions outside of tech such as education, social justice, and entertainment), we, as women of color, were able figure […]

Breaking into Tech