Pinx Catering

Craig and Pinky Cooper collaborate to create the memorable creations found at Pinx. Because Pinky is a Savant, there is no outlandish combination that Craig can propose (Red Velvet Pancakes, Sweet Potato Pie Waffles, Ube Waffles, Smackin’ Berry Fried Chicken), she is unable to bring to life. As long as there are San Francisco Bay Area eateries, Iron Chef’s, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, episodes of “Chopped” on TV, and local ingredients available to be re-purposed, Pinx will continue to make an impact on the culinary scene with her Southern Gourmet point of view.

My Sessions

A delicious lunch will be provided by Pinx CateringĀ in two locations: (1) the Faculty/Staff Lounge in Rothwell Center, with seating in the adjacent Faculty/Staff Dining Room and (2) the GSB Atrium, with seating in GSB 101.


Afternoon snacks

Music Building lobby

Pinx Catering will provide delicious afternoon snacks.