Omayeli Arenyeka

Creative Technologist

Omayeli is a creative technologist working at LinkedIn as a Software Engineer. She graduated from New York University with a degree she crafted, titled Art & Code or Creative Computation if you want to be fancy. She’s demoed her projects at the Razorfish Global Tech Summit, Tech@NYU Demodays, NY Tech Meetup and NYC Media Lab Summit. She’s an alum of CODE2040 and Tech@NYU – NYC’s largest student tech organization. She thinks a lot about the technology, art and social good and can tell you the plot of any Law and Order SVU episode.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Answering Your Own Questions Through Data Exploration

GSB 124

In the 6th grade we were taught the Scientific method: we would ask a question, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment and then analyze the results and come up with a conclusion. After I took my last science class in high school, I stopped conducting experiments. If I got curious about something or had a […]

Data Analysis