Natasha Vianna

Director of Comms, Honor
Co-founder, NoTeenShame.org

Natasha Vianna leads strategic communications at Honor, advancing the tech company’s growth and achievements in partnerships and innovation. She also serves as an advisor to Anxy Magazine and is a stigma researcher assisting the Group for the Advancement in Psychiatry to address disparities in mental health among young women of color across the United States. In 2013, Natasha also co-founded NoTeenShame.org, an organization with a mission to reduce the stigma that impedes young people’s access to quality health care, education, and advocacy. She launched the organization with a national campaign in partnership with over 900 people and 24 organizations, including the ACLU and National Women’s Law Center. For this work, Natasha was honored with the Spirit of Service award from the Healthy Teen Network. During her free time, she’s a passionate writer and is also the proud mother of Nelly, a 12-year-old environmentalist and social justice activist.

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My Sessions

My Sessions

Building Yourself in a Tech-Centered World

GSB 109

There may be increasing dialogue for women of color in tech, but the marginalization and lack of social support still imposes harmful stress on our lives. Before joining the tech industry, I researched stigma for nearly a decade never expecting that I’d need to transfer my learnings into a sector that values forward-thinking. What I […]