Maira Benjamin

Director of Engineering

I am a person with a wide range of interests within the software development industry. I’ve had several different roles in Software Engineering (management, development, and maintenance), Technical Support, and Consulting. I am passionate about managing and mentoring engineers.

I have co-authored a published technical book as well as written five novels (yet unpublished). I am a poet and I aspire to publish my body of work in my lifetime.

I am a published lyricist and a classically trained pianist. I have been studying the guitar off and on for a few years. I’m continuing my journey of learning by augmenting my life with courses that fascinate me.

I also speak as often as possible about diversity in technology. Read an online interview.

I was consulted for a Harvard Business Review Analytics Report published by Atlassian.

I’ve received many awards for my work within the industry and within my community.

My Sessions


GSB 101

Negotiation is not all about salary, but total compensation and invisible perks as well. It’s one of the primary skills that you can use to advance your career and other areas of your life. Studies find that women are less likely than men to not only negotiate job offers, but also ask for what they […]

Business Skills

Management and Leadership: Tactics and Strategies for Climbing the Ladder

GSB 101

The path to success can be pretty different when you’re not a “white guy in a hoodie who dropped out of an Ivy League school”. In this panel, Jordan Pedraza, Maira Benjamin, and Cindy Alvarez will talk about how they made their way into management and leadership positions and what practices have brought them success. […]

Business Skills