Leilani Lumen

Software Engineer
Clover Health

Leilani is a software engineer at Clover Health, a hybrid medical insurance / tech company that aims to use data to improve members’ health. Since the first dot-com boom in the early 2000’s, Leilani has webmastered, web-designed, built teams, managed teams, and written code across the full stack of web applications including Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL. She is self- and community-taught in the techie things that she knows, having gotten a degree in Urban Studies with a concentration in Architecture. Her current tech-related obsessions are: aspiring to write code WITH SUCH GOOD TESTS that no regression bugs appear ever; and teaching and leveling up newer engineers, especially from groups under-represented in the industry.

My Sessions

Command Line Psychic: Clean Code by Example

GSB 110

What is clean code and why does it matter? In this session, we will look at a sample application called “Command Line Psychic” and try to fix some of its bugs. We’ll discuss coding as a craft, principles of clean code, and common pitfalls of “spaghetti code” that you’ll want to avoid.

Developer Skills