Kendell Byrd

Software Engineer

Kendell Byrd is a new Software Engineer at Buzzfeed and a recent graduate of Swarthmore College where she studied Computer Science and Economics. In 2013, she began her tech journey by doing engineering research on “Advancing Communication for the Disabled,” which was inspired by her high school principal who had ALS. In addition, she has done work in the field of Geographic Information Systems. During her time in college, Kendell was CODE2040 Fellow and interned as a software engineer at Jawbone, JP Morgan, and Facebook. Kendell also studied computer science, design, and entrepreneurship abroad at Aquincum Institute of Technology in Budapest, Hungary. In her free time, Kendell loves doing theater, comedy, and is starting to explore video making.

My Sessions

Multiple Pathways: Choosing the Tech Job that’s Best for You

GSB 118

Coming out of college, there is sometimes a misconception that there are single paths or specific organizations that computer scientists need to work in to succeed in their fields. As people with multiple passions (including some passions outside of tech such as education, social justice, and entertainment), we, as women of color, were able figure […]

Breaking into Tech