Janet Maldonado

Software Developer

Janet Maldonado is a Computer Science Engineer with more than 10 years of experience, specialized in modern Frontend development stacks. A native from Mexico, she recently immigrated to Silicon Valley to develop high-end applications for the Healthcare Industry. She has shared her insights at Angular Mexico, Software Guru, Tech Woman Community and Campus Party Guadalajara -Latin America’s largest tech jamboree-. She is also a founder and regular speaker at Front-bay, a community of Latin american developers openly sharing knowledge and expertise to widen the possibilities of tech professionals.

My Sessions

Becoming a Better Developer, Beyond Coding

GSB 110

Going beyond coding is much more than just developing a technical solution. This conversation is about understanding the needs of your client, cultivating the right attitude to work in a high-stakes environment and, perhaps most importantly, to keep “doing things despite the difficulties” as the late great Georgia O┬┤Keefe said. SLIDES

Developer Skills