Gabriela Zamudio

Co-founder and CTO

Gabriela Zamudio is co-founder and CTO at FounderGym. Gabriela Zamudio began her career in Silicon Valley in 2013 as a software engineer at ThoughtWorks where she worked with different clients, including a multinational e-commerce company, one of the largest healthcare organizations in United States, and a fintech startup. Most recently, Gabriela launched a consulting practice, offering web development services to startups and nonprofits as well as serving as a technical advisor for Mission Asset Fund.

During her career, Gabriela has taught software engineering to over 500 students at General Assembly, Women Who Code, Girl Develop It and Eku. She has trained students in both workshops and individual settings, as well as in English and in Spanish. In 2017, Gabriela built a platform and produce videos that teaches Spanish-speaking women how to code their first website. Since moving to San Francisco in 2013, Gabriela has organized and facilitated multiple events that have impacted over 10,000 women entrepreneurs and engineers, including Empowering Her and Women Who Code.

Prior to becoming a software engineer, Gabriela worked as project manager, supervisor and business analyst at JPMorgan Chase for seven years. During this time, she attended Ohio State University as a full-time student, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Gabriela was born and raised in Peru and has Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Tecsup.

My Sessions

Closing the Gap and Building Community in Tech

GSB 117

Being a woman of color in tech is already a trifecta of minority identities, adding others like being an immigrant, part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and mental health, means that it’s hard to find people who look like you or have similar backgrounds. On this panel, you will learn how these women have created communities […]