Diedra Barber

Director of Company Culture Transformation

Diedra Barber is the Director of Company Culture Transformation at Code2040. Previously she was the chief development business officer, senior curriculum and training designer, and lead facilitator at Scheier & Barber + Group focused in the area of unpacking power and decision-making dynamics for executives and managers in nonprofits. She is also the CEO and Founder of Filament Consulting Group a social justice consulting firm in organization strategy development and leadership coaching for GenX-millennial leaders.

Her background is in education equity, training and facilitation, program management, operations and business development, organizational behavior and change management.

My Sessions

Youth Outreach in Tech

GSB 125

Students risk unpreparedness in our technological society if they lack access to technology and technological instruction. The aspirations of these students are further limited without exposure to role models who use such skills successfully in school, work and life. Learn more about how several organizations are modeling their youth programs to create a school to […]