Clorama Dorvilias

Product Designer / Co-Founder of Debias VR

Clorama Dorvilias is a San Jose Native who has spent several years in serving in the public sector after getting her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2009.

Noticing an under utilization of technology within the field to amplify impact, she career transitioned into tech. She became a self-taught independent freelancer in front end development, while volunteering during her free time to leverage her skills benefiting the nonprofit community.

While volunteering full time for an NGO in London and working remotely for Issa rae, she attained her Master’s degree in Interaction Design Communication in 2015. It was here that she discovered her love for IoT and VR to creatively explore solving for human problems.

She conducted her MA Thesis building her first vr game prototype which gamified anti-bias trainings for the workplace.

Since then, she’s worked as an independent freelancer to deliver anti-bias/empathy VR apps University College of London while also holding positions in the UX field in NYC, London, France.

Most recently, she led the UX Design and Research in her fellowship at Code for America to develop a digital solution to economic development for the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska.

She now resides in San Francisco, and is a 2017 Oculus Launch Pad (OLP) program selected winner, and has since launched a new start-up Debias VR to delivering VR anti-bias training apps in partnership with Oculus/Facebook.

My Sessions

Introduction to Creating VR Experiences

GSB 110

Introduction to Creating VR Experiences–how to choose what tools to use to best deliver the experience you want to create. How to use Unity 3d, and an overview for the free tools available to get started building VR prototypes.

Developer Skills