Cindy Alvarez

Principal Design Researcher

Cindy Alvarez spent over a dozen years working in technology startups in a variety of UX roles, usually as “the only” woman/Latina/first-generation college graduate. She is currently a principal design researcher in Microsoft’s developer division and the author of Lean Customer Development: Build Products Your Customers Will Buy. Her background spans psychology, behavioral economics, user experience, and Lean Startup tactics.

My Sessions

Write Your Power

GSB 125

You may think that your (future) job is mostly writing code, designing interactions, or quantifying data — but your success at any of these is shaped by how well you can write. Interested in getting a job? An effective intro email may be what lands you the first phone screen. Want to speak at a […]

Business Skills

Management and Leadership: Tactics and Strategies for Climbing the Ladder

GSB 101

The path to success can be pretty different when you’re not a “white guy in a hoodie who dropped out of an Ivy League school”. In this panel, Jordan Pedraza, Maira Benjamin, and Cindy Alvarez will talk about how they made their way into management and leadership positions and what practices have brought them success. […]

Business Skills