Christianna Taylor

AI and Space Expert

Dr. Christianna Taylor works at the intersection of AI and Space. Her work started in graduate school at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she gained her PhD in Aerospace Engineering for her work on higher fidelity for technology portfolio development. She imagines a world where AI is a supplement to human design engineering, freeing people to do what they do best: create! Currently, she works as an automated engineer at Gantri, building out the world of on-demand 3D printed manufacturing.  She also works with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) to take a NSBE crew to the Mars Desert Research Station for the Space Special Interest Group.
When she’s not working at the intersection of space and AI, she enjoys traveling the world looking for adventures.   Her earliest memory of space is that of watching Haley’s comet with her Mom; her latest is probably watching Star Trek and analyzing the science behind it while researching is that possible.
Website: www.aerospacesocialite.com

My Sessions

My Sessions

The Intersection of AI & Space, and the Ethics of It All

GSB 117

This talk will address how to make AI relatable, how it will affect the Space business, and what are the ethical implications behind how we plan to use AI in the future.

Impact of Technology