Camille Eddy

Mechanical Engineer

Camille Eddy is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Boise State University in Idaho.

She began working on advanced robotics during an internship at HP Inc’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California as a Machine Learning Intern. She has taken on many projects with a maker and prototyping spirit.

Camille is an advocate for women of color gaining visible roles within technology. She enjoys speaking nationally on inclusion in the STEM community and regularly writes on the topic. Her most recent speech in Washington DC focused on recognizing cultural bias in AI and the efforts involved in debaising that technology.

My Sessions

Recognizing Cultural Bias in AI

GSB 117

Our actions and choices as humans are largely influenced by the culture around us—things like race, language, accessibility, and sense of equality. As we offload decisions to algorithms and machine learning, those choices become less and less visible, leaving us to wonder—can algorithms really understand sensitivities like humans do? In this talk, Camille walks through […]

Impact of Technology