Bianca Escalante

Senior Mgr., Social Impact

Bianca is a Senior Manager on GitHub’s Social Impact team where she spends most of her time overseeing the company’s local engagement initiatives and advocating for accessibility, inclusion and diversity across multiple sectors of the company. The proud daughter of Latinx immigrants, her intersectional lens paired with her experience in tech has broadened her expertise on how to create and foster diverse and inclusive environments both online and in the real world. Prior to joining GitHub in 2015, she spent 18 years working in the nonprofit sector, mostly with organizations that provided educational opportunities for Black and Latino youth in STEM-related fields.

My Sessions

Getting Organized: Strategies For Launching Woc-Led Movements At Your Company

GSB 109

This session will cover the lessons learned, best practices and benefits to organizing womxn of color-led movements within tech companies. Topics discussed will range from self-care, to influencing company culture, to furthering corporate D&I initiatives.

Community Self-Care

Diversity & Inclusion

GSB 101

In this session, we will share insights on how to make diversity and inclusion actionable at tech companies small and large. Themes include: * How to create actionable changes in a male-dominated industry * How to scale your impact at growing companies * How to lead on this topic as a woman of color (e.g. code-switching, […]

Business Skills