Ashleigh Reddy


Ashleigh Reddy is a travel, lifestyle, commercial and event photographer from Las Vegas, NV. Her love of photography started while taking a film photography class in high school. She attended the University of San Francisco and received a degree in psychology with minors in Sociology and African American studies.

While in college, she began photographing events on campus and sharing them with classmates online. She became the go-to documentarian for many on-campus events. Soon after finishing school (and against her family’s wishes), she decided that she would pursue photography as a career. She worked at nonprofits by day and photographed in nightclubs at night.

Three years after graduating, Ashleigh found herself in a tough spot after being let go from her nonprofit job. She began doing professional makeup while concurrently pursuing her photography career. She also enrolled in photography classes at City College and felt like she was finally heading down a steady career path.

She also reignited her passion for travel and started traveling around the US for work and pleasure. Ashleigh took international trips here and there which only fueled her desire to travel even more. Her travel photography attracted people to her social media pages and helped her grow to over 20,000 followers on instagram. In 2016, she booked her first travel client, who hired her to photograph in various locations on three continents and opened up a world of opportunities.

Ashleigh now a full-time photographer who still travels internationally, with a home base in San Francisco. She works with brands on social media to create content both behind and in front of the camera. She has national and international clients and continues to grow her business year after year.

Her client roster includes: Google, Dropbox, Soulcycle, Adidas, Travel Noire, NBC, Mastercard, South African Tourism and more!

My Sessions

Building Black Social Multimedia Communities in Tech

GSB 124

In our panel discussion, we will talk about the power of Black communities online (Social media/podcasts/other platforms). How we deal with conflicts and racism online. How do you build online communities out from online to offline? How do you collaborate with others in the same space?