Andrea Delgado-Olson

Program Manager
Systers and GHC Communities

Andrea Delgado-Olson is the Program Manager for Systers and GHC Communities at AnitaB.org. She is also the founder of the Systers Affinity Group, Native American Women in Computing. Andrea is a Bay Area and California Native and a member of the Ione Band of Miwok Indians. She is an advocate for women of color in tech and works with the community to provide support, mentorship opportunities, and resources to women in need. Andrea is a Mills College Alumna, class of 2014, and started working on her Master’s degree in Computer Science at Mills after receiving her Bachelor’s in Education. Her work with the Communities at AnitaB.org and the Grace Hopper Celebration challenges her to bring that empowerment, excitement, and enthusiasm of the Grace Hopper Celebration to women in tech year around!

My Sessions

You Are Not Alone: Systers Got Your Back!

GSB 109

Do you find yourself seeking a support system for challenges you face in the tech industry, or do you seek advice to prepare you for a career in tech? If given the opportunity, would you ask for help? Being a woman in the tech industry can be challenging. Systers is an online forum exclusively for […]