Write Your Power

GSB 125

You may think that your (future) job is mostly writing code, designing interactions, or quantifying data — but your success at any of these is shaped by how well you can write. Interested in getting a job? An effective intro email may be what lands you the first phone screen. Want to speak at a conference? A confident speaker bio catches the eyes of the conference organizing committee. Want to convince your team to follow your recommended solution? Clearly describing your evidence and strategy helps drown out that loud-but-mediocre guy who always wants to do it his way.

In this talk, you’ll learn:
* What motivates the people you’re writing for? What do they care about?
* What makes you sound as impressive as possible? (and yes, you can do this without sounding like a jerk)
* Templates for crafting effective intros, bios, and recommendations
* How to improve your first draft (which is always bad, and that’s okay)