Multiple Pathways: Choosing the Tech Job that’s Best for You

GSB 118

Coming out of college, there is sometimes a misconception that there are single paths or specific organizations that computer scientists need to work in to succeed in their fields. As people with multiple passions (including some passions outside of tech such as education, social justice, and entertainment), we, as women of color, were able figure out ways to discover jobs that were great fits for our personalities and interests. This panel highlights our technical experiences and lessons drawn from transitioning from academia to full-time, and how you can chose a job in tech that’s best for you.

On this panel we want to share and discuss the following:
* How we were able to choose jobs that were great fits for us
* What are the definitions of “great/good fit” (Such as finding a company to work for that aligned with our passions, had a diverse and inclusive culture, and the maximum opportunity for personal growth)
* Lessons learned in academia, studying CS, and how we found and figured out -our interests by the time it was time to start looking for jobs
* Our experiences and lessons learned when applying and interviewing for our first full-time job
* Criteria we used when selecting where to interview
* Our thought processes when deciding which company to go to
* Our experiences/lessons learned when entering our first full-time job
* Discussing resources and tools others have used as well to find jobs that aligned with their passions

Sedinam currently works as an instructional designer at TechChange where she supports a variety of innovative elearning initiatives at the intersection of health and technology. Prior to TechChange she served as a Google Policy Fellow and explored the role of assistive technologies in addressing learning disabilities. She is also the co-founder of Dislabelled, an organization that works with people with disabilities and seeks to reform the special education system in Ghana and YenAra Backpacks, a socially responsible for-profit social enterprise that provides unique and functional African-inspired backpacks to an international marketplace.

Patricia Perozo is a Backend Software Engineer at Brigade, a civic tech startup. She is a Code2040 Alum and passionate about using technology to further social justice issues.