Management and Leadership: Tactics and Strategies for Climbing the Ladder

GSB 101

The path to success can be pretty different when you’re not a “white guy in a hoodie who dropped out of an Ivy League school”. In this panel, Jordan Pedraza, Maira Benjamin, and Cindy Alvarez will talk about how they made their way into management and leadership positions and what practices have brought them success.

* Jordan Pedraza recently was promoted to lead the University Support team at Handshake, a college recruiting platform. She’ll talk about how she built a coalition, developed mentor relationships, and rose as a leader in her organization while being the only Black and Latina woman at her company.

* Maira Benjamin is a Director of Engineering at Pandora. She will talk about how to have a long running career in tech, how to stay relevant and how to spot when you need to transition.

* Cindy Alvarez is currently a principal researcher at Microsoft and the author of Lean Customer Development. She’ll talk about taking chances on diamond-in-the-rough candidates, working in tech through one good and one awful pregnancy, and how she’s invented her last 3 job roles.