Finding a Job for the True You

GSB 118

Finding your first job in tech can be difficult and confusing if you try to do it the standard way. But what happens when you have a background that doesn’t seem to be related to tech? Or where to start if you are looking for a career that doesn’t fit the usual roles? Moreover, how you can build a network that gets you your next job without doing networking? Good news, there are several resources at hand for the non traditional you. On this panel you will hear from these experienced women how each one got into their careers using different approaches and resources that are not standard for the tech industry.

Moderator Lili Gangas is the Chief Technology Community Officer at the Kapor Center for Social Impact. In this role, Lili helps catalyze Oakland’s emergence as a social impact hub of tech done right – where tech, diverse talent, and action driven partnerships can tackle pressing social and economic inequities of our communities head-on.

Ayana Miller, a recognized subject matter expert and advisor on privacy and data protection, will share her experiences leveraging degrees in public policy and a certification to propel a lucrative career in tech. In less than 6 years, she has more than quadrupled her salary (to the mid six figures with base plus stocks) and sat in rooms with billionaire CEOs through negotiation, strategy, and developing a deep understanding of market trends.

Linda Avendaño, originally from Mexico, is a senior engineer with a master’s degree in Software Engineering for Carnegie Mellon University. She will explain how ”non traditional” networking, as she calls it, helped her make more meaningful connections that ultimately landed her on the startup world.

Mercedes Gibson is a small business manager at Hack the Hood, a show host, and founder and CEO of 40% Coaching. She will explore ideas of what success is supposed to look like for women of color and how to keep true to yourself while exploring opportunities.

Betsy Alegria is a software engineer who attended Outco, a 4-week professional development program for software engineers. She will share the most helpful lessons she learned from the program and how the experience helped her shift her mindset when approaching interviews.

Ample time will be provided for Q&A with the audience.