Beyond Survival: Thriving in Your Personal Success and Well-Being

GSB 109

We often don’t take time to care for and plan for our well-being, especially given the kinds of environments we work in. What’s more, we don’t feel empowered to take any opportunities to own our goals, dreams, and voices while being our authentic selves. We’ve learned, from our own experiences and from our research, that we must take care of ourselves on our own terms. By focusing on ourselves and specifically calling out and working through growth areas, we can drill into the often forgotten or undernourished dimensions of ourselves that contribute to our overall well-being. This naturally translates to where we live and work. Bringing (and being) our whole, authentic selves in tech enables a more complete approach to intersectionality.

This 115-minute workshop breaks down into 3 parts:

I) Have some fun!

Engage in an activity that gets creative juices flowing. The activity, like mandala coloring for relaxation and focus, helps to prepare our minds for the rest of the workshop. Since we’re likely to have a room full of type A scientists, we’ll take the time to explain the importance and utility of ‘quieting the mind’. Sub-topics to be covered: cognitive/human-information processing, creativity, and mindfulness.

I) Taking time to reflect!

During this section, attendees think about and create their professional philosophies; that is, how would they describe the way they approach their work? With an open mind, developing/streamlining a personal philosophy gives people the opportunity to focus on themselves and on what they want to accomplish professionally, all while bringing whole, authentic selves to any professional endeavor. We will also devote discussion to describing what our work/tech environments look (and feel) like and how we might mitigate the challenges of being in those environments. The focus of this section is not to talk about how the systems around us should change (though they should!); rather we focus on thriving (not just surviving) within our tech workplaces. Sub topics covered: ideation, goal-setting and visioning, and personal branding.

III) Create a plan!

The final section will give attendees time to map out a plan for what it takes to achieve the nirvana of living out their professional philosophies in their tech spaces. This exercise is relevant for both novice and experienced professionals in that envisioning the next steps for career and personal advancement is critical for success at any stage. Sub topics covered: empowerment & professional planning.

At the end of this session (and the workshop, writ large), attendees will have identified their strengths and opportunities for growth, mapped out near- and longer-term (1-, 6-, and 12-months) milestones, and developed techniques for reclaiming their time, voices, and, if necessary, sanity.